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End of year holidays are rapidly approaching, which means dinners, parties and gatherings galore. You always want to put your best face forward, but there’s just something special about looking and feeling your absolute best during the festive holiday season. When you want bouncy, radiant skin and an age-defying complexion or a more energized body and mind, IV drip therapy can be one of the most powerful weapons in your secret arsenal.

How Does IV Drip Therapy Help You Head into the Busy Holiday Season?

First and foremost, all that holiday cheer and festive planning can be absolutely exhausting. When you feel your body in need of a bit more energy and an overall sense of wellness, energizing protocols can ramp IV hydration up to the next level. Infusions of beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients replenish lost moisture and depleted stores of many key substances.

Feeling run down can sometimes take a toll on your appearance, especially if your body is dehydrated as a result. The same deep hydration that replenishes your body can also be a vehicle for supplements, nutrients and vitamins aimed directly at skin health and appearance. Unlike even the most expensive topical treatments, IV drip therapy for glowing skin or to minimize the appearance of aging works beneath the skin’s surface.

Treat Your Body to Intense Self-Care

Before the rush of giving gifts to everyone else, why not give yourself the invaluable gift of a better whole-body sense of wellness and restorative deep hydration tailored specifically to you? At IV Healing Infusions & Peptide Therapy, an expert care team headed up by a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist is standing by to create a unique IV drip therapy experience for your individual body and needs. Because there never seems to be enough time during the party-planning haze, our mobile concierge team will administer your tailored protocol in the comfort of your home, office or hotel room.

Ready to give your body the pampering it deserves and the hydration it needs before a high-demand season? Call or contact IV Healing Infusions & Peptide Therapy today, located in the heart of Los Angeles, to learn all the ways they can help you beat the stress that can accompany the most wonderful time of the year.

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Our Patient Reviews

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Michael Z.

I have known Dr. Mahjoubi professionally for nearly a decade and have worked extensively with him. I cant say enough wonderful things about Dr. Mahjoubi. He is an amazing anesthesiologist and physician. Dr. Mahjoubi is a kind, competent, and caring physician. I have referred patients with depression for ketamine treatment. The patients have been extremely impressed with his care but also report feeling so much better after their treatment. I would have no reservation recommending him to any friend or family member.

Noah B.

I won't get into my life story/medical history here, but I was super skeptical of the entire process, but Dr. Mahjoubi was awesome and walked me through the whole thing. He was very responsive anytime I called or texted him. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Quinn B.

Dr. Mahjoubi is an incredible doctor who really cares about his patients. He takes time to adjust medications so that it's really tailored to you and works more effectively. He has an incredible bedside manner and makes you feel as though you're the only patient he's caring for. He's thorough and genuinely ensures not just pain relief, but better overall health in general. One of the best doctors I've had the pleasure to meet.

Sanah S.

I took my aunt to see Dr. M. The experience we had was great. I was so impressed. He was so kinda and took the time to listen to the problems my aunt has been having. He changed her medication and gave her some treatments that have honestly made such a difference for her. We can't thank you enough!

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