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How IV Drip Therapy Can Benefit Cognitive Function

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As many students return to school this fall, especially college students, brain or cognitive function will be a top priority. To get the best performance from your brain, you need the right nutrients to support your neurological function. IV drip therapy is an innovative treatment that involves the administration of a mixture of vitamins, minerals,…

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IV Drip Therapy for Bariatric Patients

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Bariatric surgery can be a life-changing experience. For individuals that are struggling with obesity, weight loss surgery can give them the tools they need to improve their health. There are many different options in bariatric procedures, from the classic gastric bypass to newer versions, including sleeve gastrectomy and duodenal switch. All of these procedures reduce…

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Anti-Aging IV Therapy: A Fountain of Youth for Your Cells

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Aging is an inevitable part of life—visible signs of aging affect the skin, energy levels, and overall well-being. While you cannot stop the clock, you can certainly slow the aging process and promote healthier aging. One innovative approach gaining popularity is anti-aging IV therapy. This groundbreaking treatment aims to rejuvenate and revitalize our bodies from…

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The Effectiveness of IV Drip Therapy in Addiction Recovery

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Substance abuse and addiction don’t just damage your relationships with the people around you and your quality of life; they also take a dramatic toll on your body and brain chemistry. To aid in addiction recovery, IV drip therapy has been shown to be a powerful tool by replenishing vital amino acids, vitamins and nutrients…

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Get Your Summer Glow on Early with IV Drip Therapy

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Summer is right around the corner, and there’s one accessory that simply never goes out of style: radiant, youthful skin. When you want your skin to glow with health and vitality, you can invest hours of your time and no small amount of your budget into complex, multi-step skincare routines, or you can opt for…

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Can Peptide Therapy Help with Anxiety and Depression Symptoms?

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If you’re one of the millions of Americans struggling with depression and/or anxiety, you know how difficult it can be to find relief from some of the most pernicious and disruptive symptoms. Medications can take time to become fully effective, not to mention the trial-and-error process of finding medications your symptoms respond to positively. Fortunately,…

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Hydrogen Peroxide IV Therapy: What You Should Know

It’s a staple in every home first aid kit and a highly versatile disinfectant, but did you know hydrogen peroxide is a supercharged oxygenator with the potential to be a wellness game-changer? From killing bacteria, parasites and fungi to potentially impacting some tumors, hydrogen peroxide IV therapy has a broad range of applications. Is Hydrogen…

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Why NAD+ IV Drip Therapy Should Be Part of Your Wellness Plan

Good Health at The Beach

You love your body, and you want to keep it functioning at peak health and wellness for decades to come. For some people, a wellness plan is a complex set of rules and routines, complete with a supplement for every system. There are countless supplements aimed at improving one area or another, but very few…

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How IV Drip Therapy Can Help You Through the Party Rush

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When you are going through back-to-back dinner gatherings, family events and a seemingly endless chain of parties, it seems each can be more indulgent than the last. By the time normal life rolls around, no wonder you feel tired, depleted and far from in shape to celebrate anything else. What if there were a way…

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Ready, Set, Glow! How IV Drip Therapy Can Help You Light Up Holiday Parties

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End of year holidays are rapidly approaching, which means dinners, parties and gatherings galore. You always want to put your best face forward, but there’s just something special about looking and feeling your absolute best during the festive holiday season. When you want bouncy, radiant skin and an age-defying complexion or a more energized body…

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Michael Z.

I have known Dr. Mahjoubi professionally for nearly a decade and have worked extensively with him. I cant say enough wonderful things about Dr. Mahjoubi. He is an amazing anesthesiologist and physician. Dr. Mahjoubi is a kind, competent, and caring physician. I have referred patients with depression for ketamine treatment. The patients have been extremely impressed with his care but also report feeling so much better after their treatment. I would have no reservation recommending him to any friend or family member.

Noah B.

I won't get into my life story/medical history here, but I was super skeptical of the entire process, but Dr. Mahjoubi was awesome and walked me through the whole thing. He was very responsive anytime I called or texted him. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Quinn B.

Dr. Mahjoubi is an incredible doctor who really cares about his patients. He takes time to adjust medications so that it's really tailored to you and works more effectively. He has an incredible bedside manner and makes you feel as though you're the only patient he's caring for. He's thorough and genuinely ensures not just pain relief, but better overall health in general. One of the best doctors I've had the pleasure to meet.

Sanah S.

I took my aunt to see Dr. M. The experience we had was great. I was so impressed. He was so kinda and took the time to listen to the problems my aunt has been having. He changed her medication and gave her some treatments that have honestly made such a difference for her. We can't thank you enough!

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